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Duration 2-3 Months

Our purpose

“WiseStart” will train individuals (‘you’) , who would like to pursue their career in accountancy, and will provide a chance of guaranteed work opportunity. We will empower you with knowledge and skills necessary for the most suitable career options.

Our courses are designed by qualified and experienced accountants, who have been in the UK finance industry for more than 20 years. You will get the opportunity to learn and complete work experience with a team of accountants, who would share real life experiences & advise you accordingly.

Suitable for


Motivated individuals who would like to pursue a career in accounting.


New candidates in the UK, with no prior working experience.


Young students after completing school or college education.

How to complete

You get to work with a dedicated trainer, “ONLINE” or “IN-PERSON” at our offices.

  • Complete the professionally designed training modules, covering all aspects of UK accountancy requirements for bookkeeping, VAT, and other compliances. 
  • Learn about authorities such as HMRC, Companies house and relevant submission.
  • Use of Accounting software.
  • Complete the practical training with a UK Chartered Accountancy firm, in person or on line.

On completion

You will be awarded with a Practical work experience certification, including an
accounting software certification.

You would have gained the following skills and knowledge on successful completion of our
programme. (*refer to course modules section for detailed information)

  •  Bookkeeping knowledge and relevant practical work experience
  • VAT complete knowledge and relevant practical work experience
  • Manual journals, Control account reconciliation & Reporting
  • Fixed assets
  • Accruals & Prepayments
  • Management reports
  • Expense claims
  •  Certification for Xero Accounting software.
  • Work experience references in your CV.
  • Opportunity for work placements on completion & join WiseStrat talentpool.
  • Personal skills development.
  • Client Communication skills.
  • Interview support.

Course Modules

Introduction to the Accountancy industry in the UK

  1. Job responsibilities and career guidance

Introduction to Bookkeeping

  1. Basics of accounting and bookkeeping
  2. Financial terms used
  3. Accounting software used

Company secretarial; incorporation of different types of legal entities

  1. Company incorporation
  2.  Share issue & appointing company officials.

Company secretarial; annual record maintenance in companies house /HMRC

  1. Confirmation statement/Annual return

Set up a company in bookkeeping software

  1. Introduction to Xero
  2. Key basic settings
  3. Chart of accounts
  4. Adding a bank account
  5. Conversion balances

Customers & Suppliers

  1. Adding/editing customers and supplier details in Xero
  2. Sales invoices in Xero
  3. Bills in Xero
  4. Customer and supplier statements
  5. Payments to bills and sales invoices
  6. Credit notes.
  7. Customer aged reports / supplier reports
  8. Credit notes allocation.
  9. Supplier and customer reconciliation
  10. Credit control.
  11. Customer queries

Bank accounts

  1. Set up a bank account in Xero
  2. Petty cash
  3.  Bank Reconciliation
  4. Bank Rules in Xero
  5. Credit cards (difference to bank accounts)
  6. Bank reconciliation.
  7. Foreign currency bank accounts
  8. Foreign currency transactions
  9. Review bank reconciliations.
  10. Query handling.
  11. Reports generation

Xero software certification
Introduction to VAT

  1. Basics of VAT returns
  2. VAT schemes
  3. VAT policies
  4. Registration for VAT & choosing the Vat quarter
  5. MTD
  6. Preparation of VAT return
  7. Analysis of VAT , excel and xero
  8. Bad debts , credit notes and Vat
  9. Submission of VAT to HMRC
  10. VAT payments or reclaim
  11. Query handling
  12. Reverse charge
  13. Mileage claim and Fuel scale charges
  14. Review the VAT return
  15. Vat adjustments
  16. VAT policies in detail
  17. Change of vat schemes
  18. CIS schemes

Guide to expense claims

  1. Set up expense claims in Xero
  2. Update and manage , payments

Guide to fixed assets

  1. Register assets in Xero
  2. Depreciation
  3. Fixed asset reconciliation
  4. Asset disposals
  5. Corrections to fixed assets and Depreciation

Manual Journal postings in Xero

  1. Month-end journals
  2. Year end journals
  3. Edit, audit trail and reconciliations

Control account reconciliations

  1. Types of control accounts and reconciliations
  2. Adjustments after reconciliations
  3. Reporting and query handling

Accruals and Prepayments

  1. Identifying Accruals
  2. Posting to Accruals accounts
  3. Identifying Prepayments
  4. Posting to Prepayment accounts
  5. Reconciliations for Accruals and Prepayments accounts
  6. Reporting with excel supporting schedules

Director loan account and dividend

  1. Director loan account
  2. Basics for Dividends
  3. Postings to identify dividends
  4. S455 HMRC tax
  5. Reporting related to Director’s loan account
  6. Dividend vouchers

Basics of reporting

  1. Balance sheet
  2. Profit and loss account
  3. Trial balance
  4. Other reports in Xero

Month end reporting – Management accounts

  1. Xero month-end reporting
  2. Other types of monthly reporting